Tips Creating Free SSH Account

For you who are often using SSH, certainly, you know a lot about SSH account. This is one of the most important things to do an activity using SSH. You can get free SSH premium by following several tips if you want. Several people have been using this facility to get a free internet access must be familiar with the steps how to use SSH and what the function of SSH itself

Free Internet For Everyone.

SSH is usually used for people who want to use the internet freely without spending any money, by taking advantages from a cellular operator gap (bugshot) and mixed with a tool named inject. Almost all people who want to use free internet use SSH to get what they want. The question is, how to get free internet from using SSH?

About the question above, this article is not showing how to get free internet using SSH, but it will discuss how to make an SSH account on your own. You probably have seen your friends sharing a free SSH to get free internet access, and you always be using it from your friend. So that if you don’t want to always use your friend’s SSH, you can make your own account and get free SSH premium on your own. Follow several tips below:

Be Wise Using Your Internet

First of all, you have to visit these several websites that serve a free SSH access. There are so many websites that serve a free SSH for you, you can choose one of them. This is an additional facility from the website itself to attract people to use them as the partner of surfing internet. Actually, all of them sell several types of SSH to get money from it, but in the first experience, they will give you free access.

Second, visit the website and you will face several server options of SSH from several continentals. They are Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, and Oceania. At the base of quality, the speed in accessing internet depends on how far your position from the SSH continent server you chose before. The near you choose from your position, the better connection you get. So, it will be better if you choose an Asian server to get a maximum connection.

Third, after choosing a server in Asia, then you will face a more detail server from any country in Asia. There are servers from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hongkong, India, Korea, and Turk. From that server, you know what to do and choose, right? The nearer country is the best quality but, there is a suggestion for you to choose a server from another country. It means, it is better not to choose a server from your own country because sometimes you know how the quality of the country in general. Singapore is one of the best you can choose.

Fourth, if you have chosen a server from Singapore, you will be faced with SSH server options from the country itself. Usually, SSH server from Singapore identically starts with the word “S”, such as sg-fast, sg-MCT, sgdo, and sggs. The speed of SSH besides depends on how far you choose a server from your country, it also depends on how much SSH server available. If you see on every server, there is a word “limit acc” or the meaning is limit of making. The less number of the limit, the faster you can get from SSH, so try to make an SSH account with a less limit to get a maximum connection. This is a good information for you on getting free SSH premium, right?

Fifth, you have been reached the step of making an account. In general, there will be some options again for you to choose how many days you will use the server. There will be options 3 days, and 7 days. If you want to use 3 days facility, it is easier to create. You just have to fill the captcha and click create an account, then you can get your first account. But, if you choose 7 days facility, you have to fill one more step to create your account.

Sixth, create your own username and password. This is the last step you have to fill, you can choose whatever username you want and also the password. Make sure that the password you create, only you and system who know about it. After doing all those tips, you will get a free SSH premium and enjoy your surfing on the internet.