The Things You Can Get Using SSH

The computer is not an easy thing to be learned, you have to take an IT on your university to get that knowledge. If you are studying IT or computer, you will meet a lesson about SSH. SSH means the secure shell is a network protocol and running above TCP/IP Layer.

This might be a knowledge that only several people have mastered of. SSH is an alternate remote to do a saver login activity such as rsh, rlogin, and telnet. The main function of this SSH is to access the machine using a remote. SSH Client served the user that shell to control the machine. SSH is also serving encrypted connection between client and server. For example, the usage of telnet and SSH are different such as accessing the website using HTTP and the saver website using HTTPS.

Operate Your Own Pc Perfectly

Even you don’t have much knowledge about SSH, you can get several benefits using this system for your daily activity. Here are the benefits:

  1. Free Movement

What does it mean by free movement? Using SSH allows you to access any file from the account to the host. You can freely access any file from any PC that has been connected using this SSH. You don’t have to worry about the safeness because using SSH has been tested the safeness. You can also do several tasks, such as monitoring log file to prevent a harm for your PC, and starting or ending any services from background activity.

  1. Installing Software

Using SSH also helps you to install any software you want in your PC into your hosting account. Besides installing software, you can also manage the database on MySQL. SSH will give you permission to do a lot of thing than usual on any website.

  1. Encrypting Facilities

SSH will give encrypting facility of the data, so it will prevent virus-like malicious cannot access user information and password. This is one of the weakest things that people don’t concern about, personal data and password. Sometimes, people think that the password they made, it is certainly only they who know what it is. But, there are several people who know how SSH works can be free stealing your personal data from the internet. This is actually dangerous.

  1. Protection From SSH

SSH can give you protection from people who want to steal your data. It called DNS Spoofing, which means dangerous craw, it is a situation that the data placed in the name cache server. This is one of hacking activity that can be done by adding data into domain system using name cache server database, and protecting your data. This activity can remove the name server into a wrong IP address, so it can be tracked using another PC.

  1. IP Address Spoofing

IP Spoofing can help you to hide your IP by creating a new fake IP address that has a purpose to copy another connection and hide your identity while accessing any information on the internet. Account and the usage of SSH can be free to get from the provider if the server based on Linux. There are also paid or premium with a better facility and also complex if you have more money.

Access All The Important Information

There are so many benefits and advantages using SSH on your own. But, there are also many people who use it in a bad way to do negative activities. You have to always be careful using the facility from the computer. You can operate them as you want, but don’t forget about the safe. People nowadays are unpredictable, don’t always be believing of what they say. You know how to protect your personal data and be safe everyday.