Simple Tips To Protect Your Data

Now 2018, so many technologies have been made to help people doing their activity. It is a fact that technology never dies by the time. Since the first tech that people create long ago until now, technologies are always developing without any rest. It is also because of the people who do not easily surrender in creating something new and new.

Online Threat Always Be Exist

The computer is one of the most precious technologies that people created. Using a computer, now we can access almost all things we need with only using our fingers. The computer also used as non-living assistant in a company to develop their success. Imagine that there is no computer created in this only world, you have to work more and more to get what you want.

Not only seeing from the benefits side using a computer, but you also have to see from the maintaining side of using a computer. Just like a human, the computer needs to care if you want to use it for a long time. Maintaining a computer is similar to maintaining your car, if you only care about the outside appearance of your car and you forgot the machine, you have to spend more money to fix it. The computer also needs to be maintained from the inside by saving the data and software, furthermore for you who use the computer as a business.

Data Is A Sensitive Thing To Be Protected

Follow several simple tips below to make your computer live last longer and be safe every time:

  • Protect with Password

There are so many cases that succeed on hacking because of a weak password. All of the access to network or data becomes very sensitive and had to be protected by a unique username and password. A strong password contains the word, number, and symbol to minimize the chance of being hacked. Do not ever use the password only using word or number, because it will be easy to hack by bad people.

  • Design Safe Systems

Limit the access for everyone to your technology infrastructure to minimize the chance people hacking your private system. Remove the unnecessary access to your hardware or software, and also limit the rights of accessing only for needed tools and programs. To get a safer place, use a unique email address, login, server, and domain name for every users and department.

  • Conduct Screening and Background Check

Find out the background of your employee is an important thing, it is also to check their quality on working under your supervision. In the beginning, limit the access to important and sensitive information to educate them which is allowed and not allowed to access. With this simple action, your IT data will be safe.

  • Provide Basic Training

Sometimes people made mistake because they don’t know the right step to do of any activity in the office. You can help to educate them by building a habit to protect information from any harmful elements.

  • Avoid Unknown Email Attachments

Don’t ever click any strange email from people who have no relationship with the company. It might be a virus for your system. Before opening the email, ask it first to the contact of the sender to confirm what inside the email is. If you don’t know the sender, it is better to erase or block the email address from your computer.

  • Use a Virus Scanner

It is one of the basic steps to protect your information. You have to install an antivirus to protect your data. After that, don’t forget to always update them into the newest version. You never know what threat might show over your computer because the virus or any other threats are also developing within technology and you must find the best antivirus for your data protection.