How To Find The Best Antivirus

Having a PC is a good way to help you do your daily activity. There are so many things that PC can do to expedite your work, such as making documents, editing a photo, searching for data from the internet, and so many others. PC or Laptop is one of the most important if you work or study that need some tasks to do.

On the other hand, doing treatment to take care of your PC is also important for your fluency on work. If you want your gadget as healthy as brand new, one of the most important things to do is choosing its antivirus to avoid internet virus.

Take Care Of Your Personal Data

Actually, all of the antivirus programs are good for your PC but, the thing you must concern is updating the antivirus into the newest version. Choosing your antivirus program is like choosing a car. People said that antivirus A is better than antivirus B because it has more contents. Another people said that antivirus B is better than antivirus A because it is cheaper and saver.

If you want to use any antivirus program, it depends on your need and your PC’s need. Don’t listen to what people said about antivirus, because sometimes they just evaluate from their own experience, whereas what you need on having a PC is different from them. To choose the best antivirus program, you can follow several tips below.

Antivirus Equals Bodyguard

  1. Full Protection

There are so many different types and a variant of a virus on the internet, so you have to choose antivirus program which has a full protection of all types of virus, even killing that virus. Recently, there are several types of virus that can be harmful, such as Trojan, worm, spyware, ransomware, and if it necessary, choose antivirus which has a protection of network. However, sometimes there is a virus that can harm in a specific way, for example, ransomware. If you meet this type of virus, you have to find a specific way to erase them from your PC, and it is quite difficult.

  1. Periodic Update

The number of viruses is increasing day by day. Of course,an antivirus program that hasn’t been updated yet will be left behind and cannot defeat the newest virus. Therefore, you have to update them into the newest version of antivirus. It is the easiest way to maintain your PC avoiding viruses. The often you update, the saver you will get.

  1. Real-Time Protection

A good antivirus program should have a real-time protection. What does it mean? It means, if there is any access to a harmful file which can break the system, the antivirus must fully aware and take an action to protect the system, include killing the virus. In general, the antivirus program will scan all of the parts in the PC at the first time you add them, then it will activate a real-time protection. When you put any new file that never been detected before while scanning in the first place, the antivirus will work as it is. This method will happen when you use any external media using USB port or when you are surfing on the internet into a certain website.