Different Type Of SSH

Learning the detail of a computer is one of the most difficult things in educational life. If you learn IT in your university, that is the right decision and you are one of a lucky man. Because IT specialists are one of the most needed on every company.

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In the era, all of the company uses at least one computer to develop their work. So many things that can be done using a computer. Furthermore, this is a digital era that anybody uses the internet to help their activity. So, do you want to miss this chance?

If you learn deeper about the computer, you will find a lesson about SSH. SSH or Secure Shell is a protocol administration remote that allows the user to control and modify their network server using the internet. This service gives you an access as a save alternate for Telnet that hasn’t been encrypted and use cryptographic technic to make sure that all the in and out communications from the server are well encrypted.

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Doing such a thing is not easy to be done. You have to learn it before you can operate your PC as you want. To get clear of steps, there are several encrypting techniques you probably need to know. In every technique, there will be different benefits you can get.

  1. Symmetrical Encryption

Symmetrical encryption is a form from encryption which uses a secret key to encrypting or decrypting the message from the client and the host. In an effective way, a person who has the secret key can decrypt the transferred message. Symmetrical encryption is often to be called as a shared key or shared secret. Usually, people use one or a couple keys which can be calculated easily using another key. Symmetrical key is used to encrypt all of the communication while SSH session.

  1. Asymmetric Encryption

It is not like symmetrical encryption but also alike, asymmetrical encryption uses two separated keys to encrypt and decrypt. Both of which is called a public key and private key. Together, both of the keys construct a couple of public-private keys. Public Key, just like its name, distribute and spared with all sides. Even public and private keys are supporting each other in the functional thing, computation cannot be done from public key tothe private key. On the other hand, private key has to be private like its name. For example, for the connection that will be protected, there are not allowed from the third side to know how it is. The benefit of this technique is private key is not allowed to be published, because this component is the only thing that can decrypt the message that has been encrypted by public key before.

  1. Hashing

One-way hashing is one form of cryptographic that used in an SSH connection. The function of this type is different from the other two types explained above, this means Hashing is not a thing to be decrypted. One-way-hash has a function to create a unique value for every input that shows no clear trend that can be stolen.