Simple Tips To Protect Your Data

Now 2018, so many technologies have been made to help people doing their activity. It is a fact that technology never dies by the time. Since the first tech that people create long ago until now, technologies are always developing without any rest. It is also because of the people who do not easily surrender in creating something new and new.

Online Threat Always Be Exist

The computer is one of the most precious technologies that people created. Using a computer, now we can access almost all things we need with only using our fingers. The computer also used as non-living assistant in a company to develop their success. Imagine that there is no computer created in this only world, you have to work more and more to get what you want.

Not only seeing from the benefits side using a computer, but you also have to see from the maintaining side of using a computer. Just like a human, the computer needs to care if you want to use it for a long time. Maintaining a computer is similar to maintaining your car, if you only care about the outside appearance of your car and you forgot the machine, you have to spend more money to fix it. The computer also needs to be maintained from the inside by saving the data and software, furthermore for you who use the computer as a business.

Data Is A Sensitive Thing To Be Protected

Follow several simple tips below to make your computer live last longer and be safe every time:

  • Protect with Password

There are so many cases that succeed on hacking because of a weak password. All of the access to network or data becomes very sensitive and had to be protected by a unique username and password. A strong password contains the word, number, and symbol to minimize the chance of being hacked. Do not ever use the password only using word or number, because it will be easy to hack by bad people.

  • Design Safe Systems

Limit the access for everyone to your technology infrastructure to minimize the chance people hacking your private system. Remove the unnecessary access to your hardware or software, and also limit the rights of accessing only for needed tools and programs. To get a safer place, use a unique email address, login, server, and domain name for every users and department.

  • Conduct Screening and Background Check

Find out the background of your employee is an important thing, it is also to check their quality on working under your supervision. In the beginning, limit the access to important and sensitive information to educate them which is allowed and not allowed to access. With this simple action, your IT data will be safe.

  • Provide Basic Training

Sometimes people made mistake because they don’t know the right step to do of any activity in the office. You can help to educate them by building a habit to protect information from any harmful elements.

  • Avoid Unknown Email Attachments

Don’t ever click any strange email from people who have no relationship with the company. It might be a virus for your system. Before opening the email, ask it first to the contact of the sender to confirm what inside the email is. If you don’t know the sender, it is better to erase or block the email address from your computer.

  • Use a Virus Scanner

It is one of the basic steps to protect your information. You have to install an antivirus to protect your data. After that, don’t forget to always update them into the newest version. You never know what threat might show over your computer because the virus or any other threats are also developing within technology and you must find the best antivirus for your data protection.

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Different Type Of SSH

Learning the detail of a computer is one of the most difficult things in educational life. If you learn IT in your university, that is the right decision and you are one of a lucky man. Because IT specialists are one of the most needed on every company.

Make Friend With Gadget

In the era, all of the company uses at least one computer to develop their work. So many things that can be done using a computer. Furthermore, this is a digital era that anybody uses the internet to help their activity. So, do you want to miss this chance?

If you learn deeper about the computer, you will find a lesson about SSH. SSH or Secure Shell is a protocol administration remote that allows the user to control and modify their network server using the internet. This service gives you an access as a save alternate for Telnet that hasn’t been encrypted and use cryptographic technic to make sure that all the in and out communications from the server are well encrypted.

Complete Your Work Using Computer

Doing such a thing is not easy to be done. You have to learn it before you can operate your PC as you want. To get clear of steps, there are several encrypting techniques you probably need to know. In every technique, there will be different benefits you can get.

  1. Symmetrical Encryption

Symmetrical encryption is a form from encryption which uses a secret key to encrypting or decrypting the message from the client and the host. In an effective way, a person who has the secret key can decrypt the transferred message. Symmetrical encryption is often to be called as a shared key or shared secret. Usually, people use one or a couple keys which can be calculated easily using another key. Symmetrical key is used to encrypt all of the communication while SSH session.

  1. Asymmetric Encryption

It is not like symmetrical encryption but also alike, asymmetrical encryption uses two separated keys to encrypt and decrypt. Both of which is called a public key and private key. Together, both of the keys construct a couple of public-private keys. Public Key, just like its name, distribute and spared with all sides. Even public and private keys are supporting each other in the functional thing, computation cannot be done from public key tothe private key. On the other hand, private key has to be private like its name. For example, for the connection that will be protected, there are not allowed from the third side to know how it is. The benefit of this technique is private key is not allowed to be published, because this component is the only thing that can decrypt the message that has been encrypted by public key before.

  1. Hashing

One-way hashing is one form of cryptographic that used in an SSH connection. The function of this type is different from the other two types explained above, this means Hashing is not a thing to be decrypted. One-way-hash has a function to create a unique value for every input that shows no clear trend that can be stolen.

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Tips of Choosing Education Software For Children

In the era, computer or laptop can be one of the most powerful gadgets to defeat the dependence of watching TV for children. Why do people say that watching TV is not a good habit for children? Because sometimes the shows that TV serves for people are not suitable to the age people who watch them. For example, several TV shows served contents for adults, but people who watch it are usually children because children have more time in the house to watch TV than adults. On the other hand, sometimes TV gives good content for children, but they are only watching them. It is different with PC or laptop because PC can bring the children became active than only watch TV.

Our Children Are Our Future

The educational system by using PC is more useful than TV. It means, your children can interact with the media that PC served to learn something new. Actually, for teachers in school, they don’t have to create a computerized learning system, because teachers can use so many programs that have been served in a market of software. But, the important thing is teachers have to kindly choose and evaluate the existing programs. For the detail information, there are several tips that you have to concern on creating your computerized learning system.

Education Is Important

  1. Deal with Children’s Skill

In the case, you have to make sure that the program you create is not too low or too high for the children. It has to be exactly suitable for them, but you can also give some challenges for children to give them more experiences and it is a better way. The content of the program must be relevant for about 1 year from the children’s growth, for example, you have to see in what ages this program develops its content and give them to the proper ages of your children. If the program says for 7-10 years old, give it to the right ages of your children. And don’t forget to read the specification of the program.

  1. Deal with Children’s Need and Passion

If you are only seeing from the skill is not enough. You have to see through their need and passion. Every childhas their own passion for the thing that they want to learn. If you found the contents are too difficult, so the guidance and help from the adults are necessary. A program that can be motivated the children is the key to choosing one of them.

  1. Tutorial Software

This is one of the best software to be learned by children. Give them the steps to learn something slowly, so they can absorb the knowledge perfectly. Sometimes several children can be taught by a simple learning method, but there are children that have to absorb the course slowly from the beginning.

  1. Game for Learning

For some people, games are not suitable for children who want to learn knowledge. Because some people think that games can bring a bad habit for children. From now, try to lose those taught that games can break children’s future. Actually,in several conditions, the game can be a good way to teach children any lesson. This is becausethe game can bring a simulation for children who haven’t experienced before. You can use games to create a new mindset, so the children will experience it on their own. For example, using a surgery game, by seeing the part and color of the body, children can choose what to do to save a person in the game.

  1. Enough Positive Feedback

This means you have to choose what program that gives more positive feedback while using it. For example, the program will show a caution or notification if you are wrong while answering the question. Choose a program that immediately gives correction to your work.

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Tips Creating Free SSH Account

For you who are often using SSH, certainly, you know a lot about SSH account. This is one of the most important things to do an activity using SSH. You can get free SSH premium by following several tips if you want. Several people have been using this facility to get a free internet access must be familiar with the steps how to use SSH and what the function of SSH itself

Free Internet For Everyone.

SSH is usually used for people who want to use the internet freely without spending any money, by taking advantages from a cellular operator gap (bugshot) and mixed with a tool named inject. Almost all people who want to use free internet use SSH to get what they want. The question is, how to get free internet from using SSH?

About the question above, this article is not showing how to get free internet using SSH, but it will discuss how to make an SSH account on your own. You probably have seen your friends sharing a free SSH to get free internet access, and you always be using it from your friend. So that if you don’t want to always use your friend’s SSH, you can make your own account and get free SSH premium on your own. Follow several tips below:

Be Wise Using Your Internet

First of all, you have to visit these several websites that serve a free SSH access. There are so many websites that serve a free SSH for you, you can choose one of them. This is an additional facility from the website itself to attract people to use them as the partner of surfing internet. Actually, all of them sell several types of SSH to get money from it, but in the first experience, they will give you free access.

Second, visit the website and you will face several server options of SSH from several continentals. They are Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, and Oceania. At the base of quality, the speed in accessing internet depends on how far your position from the SSH continent server you chose before. The near you choose from your position, the better connection you get. So, it will be better if you choose an Asian server to get a maximum connection.

Third, after choosing a server in Asia, then you will face a more detail server from any country in Asia. There are servers from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hongkong, India, Korea, and Turk. From that server, you know what to do and choose, right? The nearer country is the best quality but, there is a suggestion for you to choose a server from another country. It means, it is better not to choose a server from your own country because sometimes you know how the quality of the country in general. Singapore is one of the best you can choose.

Fourth, if you have chosen a server from Singapore, you will be faced with SSH server options from the country itself. Usually, SSH server from Singapore identically starts with the word “S”, such as sg-fast, sg-MCT, sgdo, and sggs. The speed of SSH besides depends on how far you choose a server from your country, it also depends on how much SSH server available. If you see on every server, there is a word “limit acc” or the meaning is limit of making. The less number of the limit, the faster you can get from SSH, so try to make an SSH account with a less limit to get a maximum connection. This is a good information for you on getting free SSH premium, right?

Fifth, you have been reached the step of making an account. In general, there will be some options again for you to choose how many days you will use the server. There will be options 3 days, and 7 days. If you want to use 3 days facility, it is easier to create. You just have to fill the captcha and click create an account, then you can get your first account. But, if you choose 7 days facility, you have to fill one more step to create your account.

Sixth, create your own username and password. This is the last step you have to fill, you can choose whatever username you want and also the password. Make sure that the password you create, only you and system who know about it. After doing all those tips, you will get a free SSH premium and enjoy your surfing on the internet.

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The Things You Can Get Using SSH

The computer is not an easy thing to be learned, you have to take an IT on your university to get that knowledge. If you are studying IT or computer, you will meet a lesson about SSH. SSH means the secure shell is a network protocol and running above TCP/IP Layer.

This might be a knowledge that only several people have mastered of. SSH is an alternate remote to do a saver login activity such as rsh, rlogin, and telnet. The main function of this SSH is to access the machine using a remote. SSH Client served the user that shell to control the machine. SSH is also serving encrypted connection between client and server. For example, the usage of telnet and SSH are different such as accessing the website using HTTP and the saver website using HTTPS.

Operate Your Own Pc Perfectly

Even you don’t have much knowledge about SSH, you can get several benefits using this system for your daily activity. Here are the benefits:

  1. Free Movement

What does it mean by free movement? Using SSH allows you to access any file from the account to the host. You can freely access any file from any PC that has been connected using this SSH. You don’t have to worry about the safeness because using SSH has been tested the safeness. You can also do several tasks, such as monitoring log file to prevent a harm for your PC, and starting or ending any services from background activity.

  1. Installing Software

Using SSH also helps you to install any software you want in your PC into your hosting account. Besides installing software, you can also manage the database on MySQL. SSH will give you permission to do a lot of thing than usual on any website.

  1. Encrypting Facilities

SSH will give encrypting facility of the data, so it will prevent virus-like malicious cannot access user information and password. This is one of the weakest things that people don’t concern about, personal data and password. Sometimes, people think that the password they made, it is certainly only they who know what it is. But, there are several people who know how SSH works can be free stealing your personal data from the internet. This is actually dangerous.

  1. Protection From SSH

SSH can give you protection from people who want to steal your data. It called DNS Spoofing, which means dangerous craw, it is a situation that the data placed in the name cache server. This is one of hacking activity that can be done by adding data into domain system using name cache server database, and protecting your data. This activity can remove the name server into a wrong IP address, so it can be tracked using another PC.

  1. IP Address Spoofing

IP Spoofing can help you to hide your IP by creating a new fake IP address that has a purpose to copy another connection and hide your identity while accessing any information on the internet. Account and the usage of SSH can be free to get from the provider if the server based on Linux. There are also paid or premium with a better facility and also complex if you have more money.

Access All The Important Information

There are so many benefits and advantages using SSH on your own. But, there are also many people who use it in a bad way to do negative activities. You have to always be careful using the facility from the computer. You can operate them as you want, but don’t forget about the safe. People nowadays are unpredictable, don’t always be believing of what they say. You know how to protect your personal data and be safe everyday.

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How To Find The Best Antivirus

Having a PC is a good way to help you do your daily activity. There are so many things that PC can do to expedite your work, such as making documents, editing a photo, searching for data from the internet, and so many others. PC or Laptop is one of the most important if you work or study that need some tasks to do.

On the other hand, doing treatment to take care of your PC is also important for your fluency on work. If you want your gadget as healthy as brand new, one of the most important things to do is choosing its antivirus to avoid internet virus.

Take Care Of Your Personal Data

Actually, all of the antivirus programs are good for your PC but, the thing you must concern is updating the antivirus into the newest version. Choosing your antivirus program is like choosing a car. People said that antivirus A is better than antivirus B because it has more contents. Another people said that antivirus B is better than antivirus A because it is cheaper and saver.

If you want to use any antivirus program, it depends on your need and your PC’s need. Don’t listen to what people said about antivirus, because sometimes they just evaluate from their own experience, whereas what you need on having a PC is different from them. To choose the best antivirus program, you can follow several tips below.

Antivirus Equals Bodyguard

  1. Full Protection

There are so many different types and a variant of a virus on the internet, so you have to choose antivirus program which has a full protection of all types of virus, even killing that virus. Recently, there are several types of virus that can be harmful, such as Trojan, worm, spyware, ransomware, and if it necessary, choose antivirus which has a protection of network. However, sometimes there is a virus that can harm in a specific way, for example, ransomware. If you meet this type of virus, you have to find a specific way to erase them from your PC, and it is quite difficult.

  1. Periodic Update

The number of viruses is increasing day by day. Of course,an antivirus program that hasn’t been updated yet will be left behind and cannot defeat the newest virus. Therefore, you have to update them into the newest version of antivirus. It is the easiest way to maintain your PC avoiding viruses. The often you update, the saver you will get.

  1. Real-Time Protection

A good antivirus program should have a real-time protection. What does it mean? It means, if there is any access to a harmful file which can break the system, the antivirus must fully aware and take an action to protect the system, include killing the virus. In general, the antivirus program will scan all of the parts in the PC at the first time you add them, then it will activate a real-time protection. When you put any new file that never been detected before while scanning in the first place, the antivirus will work as it is. This method will happen when you use any external media using USB port or when you are surfing on the internet into a certain website.

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