Phil Ferguson

The Phil Ferguson Show – 113

Guests – Hemant Mehta (more below)

Investing Skeptically – IRAs vs. ROTH IRAs.

Lots of information about IRAs can be found at this IRS website!

2015 IRA contribution limits

2015 ROTH IRA Contribution Limits

Hemant Mehta



Phil and Hemant from 2010 Chicago Skepticamp (photo by Ivan Phillips)

The Friendly Atheist Blog.

The Carol Burnett Show.

Hemant’s YouTube Page – The Atheist’s Voice

The Amazon Fire Stick (just because it is really cool!)

Foundation Beyond Belief!

To demonstrate humanism at its best by supporting efforts to improve this world and this life, and to challenge humanists to embody the highest principles of humanism, including mutual care and responsibility.

Hemant’s Page of books at Amazon

Chicago’s Sunday Assembly



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