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Top 5 Reasons To Move That Old 401(k) – NOW

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics say that the average person will have 11 different jobs between the age of 18 to 44.  That is a new job every 2.4 years.


There are several things you can do with that old 401(K)

1.  leave the money in your former employer’s plan;

2.  roll over the money to your new employer’s plan, if the plan accepts transfers;

3.  roll over the money into an IRA;or

4.  take the cash value of your account.


There are problems with 401(k)s:

1. Limited options

2.  High and expenses are higher

3.  No or poor advice

4.  Poor performance

5.  Loss of control (your company can change the plan without your consent)

 Atheists on Air

Science / Debate / Sex / Rants / Anything Goes / It’s All Here

Almost as good as some other podcasts, Atheists On Air is a lively show, with profanity, rants, science and guests.  We are almost like family but better and we are saving he Fucking World!

Atheists On Air

My talk on helping kids out of religion that Cash mentioned.


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