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The price of oil.  Is it just supply vs. demand?

Story on oil from Forbes.

Initial Jobless Claims….

A measure of the number of jobless claims filed by individuals seeking to receive state jobless benefits. This number is watched closely by financial analysts because it provides insight into the direction of the economy. Higher initial claims correlate with a weakening economy.

Unemployment rate is now 5.6%

Stock Market Returns (link for all of the numbers discussed in the show)

The Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund was up 12.43% (2014)

Investing for just 5 years, the worst case is a loss of 2.35% and you have a 90% chance of doing better than -0.47% in total returns. When you look at the 10 year results the worst is -1.38% and there is a 90% chance that you will do better than +5.86%.


Jason Torpy (Photo below)

Mr. Torpy serves as the President of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), a national non-profit building community for atheists and humanists in the military. Mr. Torpy also holds seats on the board of the Secular Coalition for America Educational Fund of the premier lobbying organization for secular issues, and the American Humanist Association, which fosters Humanist community and ethics. – See more at:
Jason Torpy
The Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers builds community for atheists and humanists in the military. MAAF connects military members from around the world with each other and with local organizations. In addition to our community services, we take action to educate and train both the military and civilian community about atheism in the military and the issues that face us. Where necessary, MAAF identifies, examines, and responds to insensitive practices that illegally promote religion over non-religion within the military or unethically discriminate against minority religions or differing beliefs. MAAF supports Constitutional State-Church Separation and 1st Amendment rights for all service members. We also coordinate with other national organizations who hold the same values. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers a DC Nonprofit Corporation and all donations are fully tax-deductible. – See more at:
Kids Heart Kids
The Uganda Humanist Schools Trust was established in November 2008 as a charity to raise funds to support the efforts of Ugandan Humanists.  Since then, they have founded three secondary schools which offer students the alternative of receiving a liberal, secular-humanist education.
Kids Heart Kids

Secular Troops Library

After a successful launch of the very first Secular Humanist library section at Camp Buehring in Kuwait, we are continuing to provide Humanist books and educational materials to new bases all the time. We are supplying new military bases with books and educational materials on Secular Humanism for their libraries and we are continuing to expand into more bases in the United States and around the world.

Secular Troops Library


Joey Kirkman

Bedtime Bible Stories (free shipping)

The idea for Bedtime Bible Stories – Explicit! came about because America’s religious leaders in the media often play both the bully and the victim. One recent example exploded into the mainstream in 2012. The marriage equality conundrum, brought to you by American Christians in 2012, mobilized millions of Christians to vote in their respective states to amend state constitutions to legally define marriage between one man, and one woman. While both moderate and fundamentalist American Christians were attacking the civil liberties of a minority, they were also crying victim and claiming persecution. It was as if the school yard bully who started a brawl exclaimed “Why are these kids attacking me?!” when those who were bullied decided to fight back.





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