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Investing Skeptically – Women And Investing

– Women make less

– Women live longer

– Women have lower financial literacy

See the two examples of a man and a woman that try to save enough for retirement.

I recommend you read this book….

Common Sense

Lauren LaneLauren Lane – Executive Director for Skepticon

Lauren Lane is the co-founder of Skepticon and has remained an organizer ever since. She has not one, but two fancy art degrees and is not afraid to use them. She never sleeps, but waits.

Skepticon-Logovideo of Skepticon 7. Make note of all the cool DJ lights near the end of the video….

Skepticon 8 will be held the weekend of November 13th–15th 2015! Put it in your calendar now.

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Steve Hill


Steve Hill

Born in poverty on St Louis’ north side, Steve Hill has acquired a lifetime of experience in what it’s like to grow up in America as an African American male. After high school in 1979, Steve served in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years and became a Sergeant. He subsequently moved to Los Angeles to work in aerospace.


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